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Hello everyone!
I do hope you enjoy my Tumblr- It will mainly be filled with Nerdy, Lame stuff!


LAZY LAZY DAYS AHEADAs in I’m doing nothing with myself for my weekend since my vacation was full of roller coasters and following up with photoshoots.My Facebook:  Bahamut Night
OMG SO TIRED. Worked  5 hours in the peek sun (11ish to 4ish) at a cottage pullin’ out beach weeds.WEARING SUNSCREEN LIKE WAR PAINT BECAUSE, FUCK YOU SUN WE’RE AT WAR.
Anonymous: And I am the anon that comes around every now and then, tries to drop a few words to cheer you up, tells you not to answer and then fucks off for another few weeks. Soooo ROW ROW FIGHT THE POWER stay strong <3

Dear recurring Anon
Thank you, you are awesome and I really do appreciate your kind words of encouragement! Things as an overall are really good, life if full of struggles and I’m allowing myself to be more open about it vs bottling till burst which is what I did in the past.
So I’m really glad I haven’t annoyed the shit out of everyone with my bitching x’D
You’re too kind :’>

I am having a rough day to say to least

21. July 2014

Big thank you to my super supportive friends helping me through this ATM


20. July 2014

Man… I’m having a rough time deciding if something is more stress than happiness for me and its horribly stressful itself…. Also I lost my phone. Not my greatest day…:(