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Anonymous: Are hostels are out of the question? There's several of them in D.C. which is approx. a 20 minute drive from National Harbor.

Main concern about a hostel is space and in and out of costumes. 
Depending on what I bring It can sometimes be pretty elaborate.

Should I be smart on this?

20. October 2014

So I want to attend Katsucon in the US.


 I hate sleeping in an overcrowded room to save money and would rather split a room with one or two other people.
Placing the current hotel price (At con center) at approx. $520.00 for two nights, ACK.

$65.00 for the weekend pass.

And then eating while down there….

Luckily my mom is planning on covering a plane ticket (Since driving conditions in Feburary could be dangerous)…so transpo is covered

On top of that I have to take 3 days off of work (Friday, Sat and Sun…over $200.00 in pay)

AND AND AND On top of all of that, I’d be applying for university around THAT SAME TIME.
Meaning my budget is going to CRASH to POOR STUDENT.

I feel like I should just say no, and save myself the headache of budgeting and planning this out.
At the same time, I really want to go to an American con (Never have) and I’ve heard great things about it. I’m sure I could save up…Weekend after Katsucon is also my birthday.


That moment when you hate people

18. October 2014

So parent comes in to store WITH TWO YOUNG GIRLS SCREAMING and they instantly on entrance, start sprinting laps. He just fucks off and shops while they behave like animals, crashing into displays, people….

Co-worker makes a comment “Those kids going to wipe out if they run around like that”
My other co-worker follows up with “Yeah, seen it happen when I worked at Wal-mart”

Has a bitch fest for 25 mins on the phone

My boss and the co-workers who made comments willing to apologize (Even though he’s at fault for not watching his god damn kids and raising them) still threatens to shit talk our store because “I’ve been shopping there for years!”

Fuck you dude, raise your god damn kids correctly and this wouldn’t be a problem. If you can’t you shouldn’t be a parent.