Ee's bunch of Junk

Hello everyone!
I do hope you enjoy my Tumblr- It will mainly be filled with Nerdy, Lame stuff!


DUNANANANANANANANNAN DORK BED.Seriously though got my old school Star Wars sheets back from home. They aren’t even the right size for my bed but WHO CARES, YOLO.Also Remmy Cat
mexiflan: People are all over yout mask, and I'm sitting here, quietly going nuts over that Bayo statue and Matt sticker. You live in my Wonderland.

Matt sticker I turned into a Magnet! HYPEST MAGNET. 
My Bayo statue is my baby <3
When it comes to figures I give Matt run for his money >:D
That’s what happens when you work a dork store that shoves this stuff in yoh face!

Anonymous: What does one have to do in order to find an amazing girl such as yourself?

There’s so many amazing people out there! Ones far more amazing than myself.
Though My natural Dork girl habitat is anime Conventions. Participation in activities and cosplay group shots have introduced me to the most AMAZING PF PEOPLE.

serafinasyanta: The problem here is there's an entire group of people that would freak out about you being cute more if you wore the mask. You can't escape being a cutie, dork girl, the best you can do is change your audience of who thinks it!

Sooooooo I should put the mask on all of you? :D
Sorry I just woke up and my brains not working 100% yet xD

Anonymous: We'll all stop having a crush on if you stop being super cute. Deal?



Guess I could like, wear a 3spooky5everyone mask forever

Anonymous: We'll all stop having a crush on if you stop being super cute. Deal?